Before Apple, there was Sony

I sometimes miss the mechanical, tactile operations of cassette tape players. sony_tape1 Before iPhone, there was Newton. Before USB memory, there was floppy disk. newton_floppy Before the internet, there was encyclopedia. Before Google, we had to ask parents, uncles, friends, and teachers. And I miss looking up to my parents with respect and expectations for answers to all my questions. — *위에 나온 카세트테이프레코더는 1970년대 후반경에 발매된 Sony TCM-600. (참고 링크: 황준의 블로그) 오래동안 깨끗하게 잘 보관했었는데 최근 몇 년 건전지를 빼놓지 않아 전해액이 새어나오는 바람에 갑자기 폭삭 고물이 되어버렸다. 지금보아도 구석구석 디자인이 잘 되었다는 느낌이 든다. ]]>

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