Getty Center, Los Angeles

Getty Center. Now it has come to reality. On my way back from the business trip to Washington DC, I decided to stop by Los Angeles and spend the weekend visiting relatives and old friends, and also visit two design-related places, which are (1) LA office of Continuum and (2) Getty Center. Getty Center is a fine arts museum located in Los Angeles. The buildings are designed by Richard Meier. According to Wikipedia, it took 13 years from the selection of the architect (in 1984) to its opening to the public in 1997. Entrance fee is free, but if you bring a car, you need to pay $15 for the parking. The museum allowed visitors to take pictures (no flashes or tripods) of art pieces with the exception of special exhibition and photography exhibitions. I am extremely thankful for their generous openness. Here are some of the photos from my excursion. This painting of a girl standing in front of a door is by Fernand Khnopff (Belgian, 1858-1923). The girl in the picture is Jeanne Kéfer, daughter of painter’s friend. I loved the soft emerald color of the door and the warm glow of the girl’s cheek. Seated Cardinal by Giacomo Manzù (1908-1991) All photos were taken with Nikon D80 + 50mm F1.8 lens. © 2010 Soonuk Jung]]>

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You took some really good pictures of the museum. It seems more like Europe than LA. I definitely will visit when I get back at the end of this summer.

집사님의 글과 사진을 보면서 2006년 8월 초 안식년을 마치고 귀국하기 전 가족들과 함께 방문했던 Getty Center가 맞나 하는 생각이 들었습니다. 같은 곳을 방문했었는데도 어떤 관점에서 보느냐에 따라 이렇게도 달라 보이네요 …
꼭 한번 다시 가보고 싶습니다.

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