Photos Update April 2011

From the trip to San Francisco. At a reception at the residence of Swiss Ambassador in Seoul, Korea. A gift from Mrs. Adams to her class students in ca. May 1976. The book survived 35 years. Soap bubble. From an exhibition at Gyeonggi Provincial Museum. Their information design was pretty well done (though not shown here). Lian’s drawing of a face. A fantastic view from the airplane on the way to Yeosu. It reads “To take Central Line, do not go down this stair. – Station Master” – The way Oksu Station is built often provides cognitive challenge for those who want to transfer from Line 3 to Central Line. Thus, the need for this confusing instruction. “We won’t be responsible for lost shoes.” – In some Korean restaurants, customers will take their shoes off and leave them at the entrance. Once in a while, shoes do get lost or stolen. The largest post on this restroom door reads “Close the door securely.” Some restrooms are not for public access and keys would be needed to use the restrooms. Thus the reminder to close the door shut (which will often be locked automatically). An exhibition on the design of Korean fonts at the Library in NHN Green Factory, Bundang, Korea. Gate at Min’s Club in Insadong, Seoul, Korea. Wooden door frames at Min’s Club. An old radio at Min’s Club “The ultimate meetings offer is being able to choose from options, not having to negotiate them.” Very expensive rubber shoes at Crocs shop in Etaewon, Seoul, Korea. Dry flowers prepared by Mom. Bamtosil Library, a very small children’s library run by a pastor of a local church in a small town outside Seoul. The library is actually a very lovely place. A tiny table decoration at a reception at the church. Skyscrapers at Shiodome, Tokyo, Japan, close to Dentsu Headquarter buildings. Tap water at Villa Fontaine Hotel is “Good to drink”. I didn’t try it, though. Tap water in the airplane to Tokyo was “No drinking water.” I introduced two friends of mine to each other some time ago. They got married this month. Sweet Omija punch with bits of apple floating on top.]]>

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