Book Trails (June 2011)

Hansel and Gretel, the children leave some kind of trail marks (with white pebbles or bread crumbs) on their way to the forest so that they can find their way back afterwards. In the movie Memento, the protagonist is well aware that he has problems with his short-term memory. He thus leaves notes on his body so that we can later recall what he was up to, using those notes as clues. I was not very good with memorizing things to begin with but I am becoming increasingly more forgetful after I turned 40. So, without keeping records of the books I read and taking notes from those books, I am afraid the things I learned through reading won’t stay with me for long. So, here are some short notes on the books I recently covered.

  1. もし高校野球の女子マネージャーがドラッカーの『マネジメント』を読んだら , 岩崎 夏海 (Iwasaki Natsumi) – read Drucker’s Management!
  2. 病気にならない15の食習慣, 日野原重明・劉影 (著) – Eat less carbs!
  3. 아이의 두뇌를 깨우는 하루 15분, 책 읽어주기의 힘, 짐 트렐리즈 저/눈사람 역 | 북라인 | 원제: The Read-Aloud Handbook – Read books aloud to the children even if they can read on their own!
  4. Cure for the Common Life, written by Max Lucado – Find out what my “sweet spot” is!
  5. 잘되는 가게는 분명한 이유가 있다 (일본경제신문사 저/모주희 역 | 아카데미북) – Trying too hard in a wrong way fends off customers. Leave room for others to play their roles!
  6. 죽을 때 후회하는 스물다섯 가지 : 1000명의 죽음을 지켜본 호스피스 전문의가 말하는, 오츠 슈이치 저/황소연 역 | 21세기북스 | 원서 : 死ぬときに後悔すること25 – Grateful someone has done some groundwork in observational research in the area that I am interested in — the process of dying!
And I am currently reading the following books:
  1. William Osler: A Life in Medicine, by Michael Bliss – I didn’t expect a biography of a doctor would be this fun to read!
And then I am about to start reading the following:
  1. Management, Rev. Ed., Peter Drucker – The revised version (revised not by Drucker) doesn’t sound authentic, but better than nothing.
  2. 협업, MORTEN T. HANSEN 저/이장원,김대환,안정호 공역 | 교보문고 – I really need to learn how to work with others!
  3. Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story by Ben Carson and Cecil Murphey – Another book about a doctor!

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