making of pinewood derby car

It was in 1978-79 that I had to make a pinewood derby car for the first time.

Now, 33 years later, I had to make another pinewood derby car, this time for one of my children. Here is how I made it.

I used sandpaper to give the curve. I had a severe cramp in the arm afterward.

I used manicure paints!

Masking tape helps.

Making space for placing lead weight.

The black ink got smeared when I was applying the topcoat.

So I had to repaint the whole window area with thick black.

A custom-made box to keep the car.

The background images are from a magazine.

Overall, attaching the wheels was the trickiest part, and perhaps the most critical element for a successful race. My car had difficulty going straight and I still do not have a good idea of how the wheels should be attached and aligned. The car failed miserably in the race; it couldn’t even get to the finish line.

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