farewell to KINGS

My employment contract with KEPCO International Nuclear Graduate School (KINGS) ends at the end of September.

I had a wonderful time working with faculty and staff members who spent endless hours launching one of the most unique graduate-level education institutions specializing in nuclear power plant engineering.

The students from 8 countries whom I met were just amazing. It was almost unbelievable to receive emails from them that were often sent in “early hours” such as between 2 AM and 5 AM. (When were they sleeping?) These students will become leading engineers who will manage and oversee important energy projects internationally.

During the two semesters since the school opened in March 2012, I taught “Professional English” and “Project Management” courses. In the classes, I employed the participative/creative teaching method based on the book written by Bob Pike, ‘Creative Training Technique Handbook‘. (A similar teaching method is also made popular by Harvard professor Eric Mazur under the name of ‘peer instruction‘.) The method was well-received by the students and it was rewarding for myself as well.

Despite all the great things about the school, I decided not to extend my contract with the school because my current situation required me to put the family in higher priority.

I consider it a wonderful blessing to have been part of the development of the school from its early stage of the establishment during which I learned a lot and traveled a lot. I also met so many people from many countries that I never even dreamed about visiting.

Best wishes to all the students, staffs and faculty members at KINGS.

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