Volte-face 라는 단어가 있는 줄 처음 알았다.

“The story of Britain’s volte-face on slavery serves, perhaps, as a helpful analogy for the severe climate change-initiated paradigm described in this paper. The world’s largest economies have become rich from the unsustainable use of fossil fuels. It will be the duty of these same countries not only to alter their own behaviour, but also to stop others from continuing with the same unsustainable actions.” –from William J. Nuttall and Devon L. Manz, “A New Energy Security Paradigm for the Twenty-First Century”
자신의 무지를 확인하는 순간은 항상 긴장되지만 뭔가를 배우는 순간–특정 항목에 대한 자신의 무지를 과거형으로 만드는 순간–만큼은 즐겁다.]]>

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