the iPhone broth

Soon after the above photo of hot bowl of noodle was taken, my 6-year old daughter dropped my iPhone 4s into it. Of course, she did not intend to do so. She was just trying to take a close-up photo of the bowl and then the phone slipped from her small hands. For about 15 seconds or so, my iPhone was swimming in the steaming hot soup. I couldn’t pick it up right away because the soup was too hot. It was eerily comforting to see the iPhone screen brightly shining under the surface of the hot, salty liquid. At the same time, I was just glad that the hot liquid didn’t spill all over my daughter. After all, thankfully, my phone survived the plunge. Perhaps the soup was so hot that the liquid evaporated right away once it was out. The taste of iPhone broth wasn’t too bad, either.]]>

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