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  • For one thing, I don’t have much to write about these days. I feel relieved that I am not obligated to write anything on my weblog when there is nothing to write about.
  • I am showing signs of presbyopia and it is quite disturbing when I cannot focus clearly on anything within arm’s reach. Simple operation such as trimming nails or checking messages on my iPhone has become such an inconvenience.
  • I am enjoying listening to Mosaic Church podcast these days. Their most recent series on Artisan Soul (updated weekly) is quite interesting.
  • Great thing about cheap wristwatch is that one does not have to contact service center for battery replacement. When my father’s $10 wristwatch stopped working, I bought LR66 battery (4 pieces for $1) at a local Daiso Store, unscrewed the rear plate, and replaced the dead battery with the new one without much difficulty.
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