Barbara Walters, Audition

I am reading Audition by Barbara Walters. (The translated copy is above, but I am reading mostly in English via Amazon Kindle.) Some impressions:

  • It is a thick book but very comfortable read.
  • The Korean translation is done well, too.
  • The author uses simple words to weave rich, interesting stories. You don’t have to resort to heavy, lengthy words to tell a great story.
  • It is amazing how much detail she can recount from her early days and of her elder family members. Perhaps she owes it to one of her relatives who volunteered to be the family historian. I wish I can write stories of my parents and grandparents with such vivid details and frankness sometime.
  • The author grew up with an elder sister who lived with mental handicap. She candidly describes what it was like to feel responsible for her in many occasions.
  • Reading on paper is great, but reading on Kindle is not so bad either.
  • Some stories can be told only after the people involved have passed away.

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