Aging Well

Aging Well on Amazon Kindle. Harvard Medical School followed the lives of many individuals for more than 50 years under the Study of Adult Development program and tried to find out what made someone have happier, healthier, and meaningful life. This book is about the result of that research, written by the director of the program. In the first chapter of the book, there is a story about Anthony Pirelli who was described by a psychiatrist who studied him as follows:

Unaggressive, sensitive and fearful of parental disapproval…. This is a very mild appearing boy. Wants to make a good impression. Does what he thinks is expected of him, never is quite at ease. Plainly quite insecure in a social way. On the whole, he is so conventional that it is very hard to get any true opinion that is his own. He is quite inhibited in action, never joined in any vigorous athletics but has numerous quiet hobbies of his own such as stamp collecting and ship model building. We do get the impression that he is quite sensitive and has aesthetic tastes.
The description seemed to fit me, too. So, I am already fully intrigued to find out rest of the story as the study follows his life for the next 50 years. You can read an excerpt (Chapter 1) of the book at]]>

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