Visualizing Korea

For some while, I kept thinking of how I can capture images that represents Korea in a sensible way. I first thought of traditional patterns and shapes seen in old buildings, folk costumes, stone walls, and furniture. But then not only those images have been amply covered already, most of them were so out of ordinary living scape that it seemed quite unrealistic.

Then I thought of more modern counterparts. For example, the views of locations recently developed, trendy shops, heavy traffic areas, etc. While those scenes were more realistic and more representative of everyday lives in Korea, the problem was that quite a portion of those scenes were end-products of designers and architects trying to somewhat mimic what they saw in US, Japan, and Europe.

It occurred to me only recently that the most interesting part of any scene or experience must be in the people who occupy the space. So I should make it my start point to observe the behavioral patterns exhibited by people in Korea and juxtapose it with the environmental elements.

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