where people can meet

People need places to meet.

Chairs or sofa are often needed if they intend to take some time to share stories.

And when they meet, they usually have some kind of drink or meal together. So a small kitchen would help.

When the surrounding atmosphere is like a home, it can help you feel cozy, snug and comfortable.

It takes quite a deal of workforce to run and maintain this kind of facility for meeting. Perhaps that is how prices of coffee sold in some cafes(*) can be justified.

* Medium-sized Latte at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf: 4,500 Won

* Tall-sized Latte at Starbucks: 4,100 Won

On the other hand, if you are buying a cup of coffee to enjoy on the go from such places and still pay the full price, you might be paying to much.

* Photos are from my visit to a guest house in Washington DC in 2010.

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