turning point

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines a turning point as “a point at which a significant change occurs.” Google dictionary adds “especially one with beneficial results.

For any moment to be a turning point, the difference between before and after the event should be substantial, and, most of the case, the period should be rather short and precise than long and extended. And usually, it does not happen very often.

In a novel, a turning point is often a climax in the story. The writer can plan ahead when and how the protagonist in the story would come to the climactic point after which the things will be so different.

While there are turning points in our lives that just happen to us, I wonder if a turning point in real life can be planned ahead or engineered. Perhaps it is possible to a certain extent. Although life is full of uncertainties, it is possible for you to make certain decisions that are most likely to make significant differences, often with predictably positive outcomes.

Here are some examples: signing up to a dance lesson, joining a sports club, reading a certain book proven to contain deep insight, learning how to swim, moving to a new city, getting a new job under a trustworthy mentor, getting a degree in higher education, quit smoking, acquiring a habit of sending thank-you notes, etc.

We are already endowed with ample examples of advice and admonitions that can be found in many books of wisdom when followed, would help us make such life-changing decisions. So I would start to give heed to that advice. I guess can make small decisions in my daily routines that would lead to a significant and positive outcome. I will soon come to a turning point in my life.]]>

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