Views from Vietnam

A group of medical doctors visited the village of Tam Ngan in Ninh Thuan region, Vietnam for a medical outreach during August 2-6, 2015. I had a privilege of joining them as a photographer. Here are some images from the visit. We were allowed to setup a temporary medical check-up center in an elementary school in the village. Summer school was going on with students taking Vietnamese alphabet lessons. The sound of the young students reading the alphabet was so sweet. vietnam03 We had Vietnamese noodle for breakfast almost every morning and I loved it especially with the fresh herbs. vietnam02 We enjoyed iced Vietnamese coffee with sweet, condensed milk after lunch every day. The coffee was thick, strong, and addictive. vietnam05 There were motorcycles everywhere. vietnam04 The community had a very good taste in their choice of colors for painting the buildings and the bicycles. Vietnam_bike By the last day of our visit, we ran out of the plastic bags for dispensing the medicine. We then decided to use the plastic bottles instead. vietnam06 ]]>

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